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What to expect

Our learning paths are designed to help users, admins and developers expand their cloud knowledge in user friendly learning paths. Each learning path will have a series of courses with real-world applications and interactive assignments. Pass the learning path and get certified so you can lead your team with newfound knowledge in Microsoft Adoption.

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Our Courses:

Microsoft 365

A Microsoft 365 certification is a great way to show your skills in the job market as a Windows Administrator, Network Manager, Systems Administrator, Technical Consultant, and other roles.

Microsoft Azure

With a Microsoft Azure Certification you’ll learn Cloud concepts, Core Azure services, general security, and network security features, compliance features, and so many more advanced skills.

Microsoft Teams

Take your career to new heights with a Microsoft Teams certification. Get recognized for the ability to make creative decisions and build out efficient team spaces and communication standards.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Give your productivity and career confidence boost with a comprehensive Microsoft Sharepoint certification. Get certified on configuring, deploying, and managing Office 365 collaboration apps.

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